About CBYRA and what we are doing to change things in 2014


The summary for why the old site is not being maintained is that it will be dead shortly with a new website erected in its place.

Most of us are doing everything on paper and shared files until the conversion is complete.

Most of the people working on CBYRA for 2014 are part of the re-organization board to rewrite all of the by-laws of the organization because CBYRA is not as relevant as it should be and not servicing the member sailors or member clubs across the region.

Everything is being reconsidered and advice is being taken from more successful YRA's around N. America.



Dan Bowman started taking over the problems of the website in early December 2013. Before then, his role was that of One Design Chair, for which, if he followed the rules of his division, he would have to de-sanctioned every fleet for non-compliance with regards to YRA active sailor members within each respective fleet.

While trying to keep some aspects of the current website on life support, Dan is working on a new website. The old database was in extremely bad condition and we have extracted all records that were believed to be 60%+ accurate. That did result in a cull of 70% of the total records of the old database, it's that bad and why making queries against it can drive one to curse, throw things, and flail your arms futilely at the screen.

Since the YRA has also found itself on hard financial times, due to the loss of both the major sponsor for Annapolis Race Week and the Jr. CBYRA division, we have limits on what we can do. Considering this we selected Regatta Networks due to it's wide acceptance by both successful YRA's and fleets, combined with their payment model being a service and a month to month cost, rather than a large upfront development cost that CBYRA could not afford.

The goal is to be live this week (January 24 - January 31, 2014) with a site that will manage sailor members and events.

The site has a calendar but not what we would envision to make life significantly easier for members (sync with Google, or calendar apps), nor does is automatically calculate HP results so that members know their standing race by race. There are many other features Dan has documented as desirable, taken from input from member clubs and member sailors. If you have ideas, we'll take them and if they are new, add them to the list.

When CBYRA has a better financial footing, we hope to engage the membership asking them what to add as features and services, via surveys. We are a long way from that moment today but we're satisfied that we are starting over from scratch rather than trying to salvage the old web system.

Everyone reading this is a sailor and racer and are all quite unhappy with the state of the YRA and sailing across the Bay.

Most of the people involved with CBYRA for 2014 have only been involved for anywhere from zero to three years and are hungry for change that creates value. Dan has been here 2 years, heading onto 3, and from what he saw, the old guard of CBYRA struggled with how to improve and make the YRA relevant, as well, and they did a good job of cutting the organization free of excess.

So as the re-organization board works to provide a new structure for the member clubs to vote on, consider volunteering later this year. We need the help and are open to opinions.



With regard to High Point: we will have info on what the status of HP is hopefully by January 31 - look for it here